Day 4

Running with your dogs gives you extra joy. But I think it also requires patience and um… maybe a sense of humor.

Today I took Jeter and Cappy to the trail. Three of us walked and ran together. It was the same course I did yesterday with Jeter but took a lot more time thanks to Cappy’s special talent 🙂

I love to take both of them to run with me but I have to admit it is not an easy thing to do, at least for now. Jeter is a really good running partner. Most of the time he stays next to me and runs with my pace. But Cappy is a different story. I waited for her bones to mature enough before I could take her to run. After her bones were ready, she still didn’t get a lot of opportunities to run with me and Jeter because I didn’t run for awhile. So you can say she is pretty new to running. And she is the one who makes my running more eventful.

Unlike when I walk them around the neighbor, I can’t use the coupler leash and can’t have them both on the same side of me because of Cappy. When I take her to the trail she gets so excited. There are so many different scents including wild animals. Plus like many runners know, running makes you to go more often. So she poops so many times. I don’t have any problem stopping for her and let her do her business but she seems to have other ideas. After the first bathroom stop, she usually takes care of her business while she is still running. Maybe she loves to run so much she doesn’t want to stop 🙂 For the sake of fellow runners’ shoes, I need to check her butt all the time whether she left something on the trail or not. Many times I found her things forming a line. She must have been a big fan of Hansel & Gretel in her previous life.

The more she goes, the thinner her things become (I know it’s gross for you non dog owners). And that’s when Jeter needs to be really really careful. I remember the first time I took them to the trail to run with me, I used a coupler leash and had them on the same side. Excited Cappy was going ahead of Jeter. When we stopped to take a break, I saw some weird brown spots on his face and the white fur on his chest. Yes, they were from Cappy. She was like a squirt gun!! Since then, I separate them when I run with them. I use her old leash in case she sits down on it with her pretty butt.

Today was not an exception. She still happily ran and pooped simultaneously. She made me stop multiple times to pick her things up. I cleaned her butt with the napkins and wet wipes over and over again. But I don’t mind. I know she will be better. How can you be upset when you see that cute little face of hers? I love her so much.

We did 4+ miles today. Jeter barked at deer. Cappy tried to chase squirrels. They both loved to eat some of my banana after the run. This is my story of Day 4.


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