Day 3

Today I took Jeter to the Cook County Forest Preserve bike trail to run/walk with me. Weather was nice. Not too hot, not too cold, just enough sunshine and wind. I went to the different part of the trail today because my usual parking lot was closed for asphalt resurfacing. It’s been awhile since I took Jeter to that part of the trail. He was little bit distracted but soon he focused on walking/running. I love watching his cute little legs moving 🙂 We encountered some dogs on the trail but Jeter was such a good dog today. No barking, no growling. Even other dogs barked and tried to lunge at him, he just stayed right side of me and kept going. It was not crowded but he still got enough smiles from walkers, runners, and bike riders. We did more than 4 miles but I don’t know the exact mileage – I used ‘My tracks’ but because of the trees GPS didn’t work right. What I know is it was a happy running experience for me and my dog.

Jeter taking a break on the trail


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