Day 2

I miss the sunny days. I want some crispy sunny autumn days. But this year there have been so many rainy/cloudy days here. Sometimes it feels like I’m living in Seattle not in Chicago. Today was a gloomy cloudy day with some raindrops again. Not a lot of rain but still not good enough weather to take your dogs to the trail. Getting caught in the rain with 2 dogs in the forest preserve is not fun. So my corgis didn’t have an outside running day. I went to the gym again. Sorry my furry friends.

I did 4.11 miles. More running than yesterday. Still ultra slow though. One thing I should remember is “not too much too soon”. The last thing I want is getting injured. Btw, I love running with Oasis’ songs 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 2

    • Hi Aleks, it’s nice of you saying my blog inspired you. Did you run today?
      My pace on the treadmill is 11-12 minutes for a mile now. I didn’t run more than a year so I need to do it slowly. I will work on the distance first and then the speed. Hopefully after 100 days I can run little bit faster 🙂
      Running 5k together is a good idea! If I’m too slow for you, you can go ahead 🙂

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