Day 18

We went to the gym early in the morning again. But today wasn’t that easy of a day. I slept more but I felt so sleepy. At the gym I felt like being a pair of water soaked jeans. My legs were heavy. I thought about running slower than usual or just walking but I didn’t make any change. I just kept going. After 1 mile, it was getting better. I was glad I didn’t compromise. I did 4.38 miles. My husband did 2.92 miles. He will have a resting day tomorrow.

The wind died down today and it was sunny and beautiful. I took my corgis to the park and we had a long walk in the afternoon. Sooner or later it will snow and the Chicago winter weather will arrive so I try to enjoy the nice weather when I can.

2 more days to make 20 days of running.


Day 17

Going to the gym at 5:30 am is not a big deal for us anymore. I’m kind of enjoying that. My day starts early so I have more time during the day. I have more energy.

I did 4.27 miles. My husband did 2.89 miles. Another good running day. Only 17 days since I started to run again and already I can see some changes. My face is getting smaller. My jeans fit looser. My rings are now too big for my ring finger. When I run, I’m not huffing and puffing any more. I am a happier person. While I was running I imagined myself after I complete this 100 days project. That made me smile.

It was a very windy day. Wind advisory is effective all day. When I was out with my corgis in the afternoon, I really thought I might see two corgis flying in the air. There were so many broken branches. It was hard to walk against the wind. Jeter was smart enough to walk behind me and using me as a windbreaker. Cappy was too busy chasing flying leaves. One man came to us and asked me where I got these beautiful corgis. He said he has been looking for a corgi for years and he really likes my corgis’ look 🙂 I gave some information. Corgis are cool.

Day 16

I didn’t feel 100% this morning because I had a sleepless night. I don’t know why I couldn’t fall asleep. Wasn’t I tired enough? Did I drink too much coffee during the day? I really don’t have the answer. I was tossing and turning all night and my brain was way too awake. I fell asleep at last around 5:30 am and slept 2 hours. No wonder I felt tired. So I thought maybe I will have an easy day today.

But once when I started my running, surprisingly I felt good. With Jack Johnson’s songs, it felt almost like I’m running on the Hawaiian beach. Is my body getting used to running? Or maybe I was daydreaming:) Anyway I did 4.31 miles today. Hopefully tonight I will fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Day 15

Usually when I’m really into something, I tend to dive in deep. I read about it a lot, think about it a lot, and talk about it a lot. My husband jokingly (or maybe he was not joking) said I get obsessed.
When I first started running, I was “obssesed” with it. I had the master plan for my marathon training and tried to stick to it. If I didn’t do enough I criticized myself and many times I was stressed out. But I’m not saying I regretted those days. I learned a lot and enjoyed the whole experience overall. I don’t know why I stopped running for this long. It’s good to be back to the running days again. But this time my attitude toward running is a little bit different. I’m focused more on the joy of running itself and making it my lifelong lasting habit.

Making a good habit takes some time. Even though I didn’t have many ” I want to skip running today” days, but it still requires some will power. The good news is it’s getting better. Today we automatically went to the gym. Nowadays it’s not about going or not going. It’s about “what time we will go.” It was drizzling outside and our gym was little bit more crowded than usual. I increased the running speed a little bit and did 3.65 miles. My husband walked 2.85 miles. On the way back home, he said he was tempted to skip the gym today but glad he didn’t do that. I was proud of him. I love going to the gym with him.

The Jay Cuttler-less Bears are not doing good. I’d better find a different channel to watch.

Day 14

I used the ice wrap on my left knee last night. It wasn’t swollen or painful but I did that as a precaution because it had been some time since I ran 4 miles without any walking break. Since I still had a sore throat and ran outside, I took NyQuil before I went to bed. NyQuil worked well on my sore throat but it made me sleepy. Today after I took my corgis out, I went back to bed and slept all morning.

It was raining outside so we went to the gym. I did 4.11 miles but I had to run slowly because my left knee still felt funny in the beginning. My husband walked 3.04 miles.

In my second week, my mileage was at least 28 miles. I’m moving forward little by little 🙂

Day 13

We had a great time yesterday at my sister-in-law’s house. Everything was good especially the turkey. Jeter and Cappy got so much love and a little bit more treats than usual – I needed to lure them from the kitchen. They behaved so well and everybody loved them. I was proud of them and grateful that my sister-in-law let us bring our corgis.

Even though we were dead tired this morning, we did go out to grab some black Friday deals – we just went to Menards about 9:30 am so it wasn’t a real door buster 🙂 I felt tired and still have a sore throat but I didn’t skip running. I went to the forest preserve trail. It was sunny and mild in the morning. It will be rainy on the weekend and they say the temperature will drop next week. So I couldn’t miss a day like today for running outside.

When I arrived at the parking lot of the trail, it wasn’t sunny anymore. It was cloudy and windy. But still nice enough for me. I didn’t take my dogs with me today. My corgis were pooped out along with my husband so I gave them a day to rest. After the warm up walk, I ran 4.2 miles. Including the warming up and the cooling down, I did 5 miles. I was happy running. I felt free, I felt great. I started to love running again!

Day 12

This morning, my family – 2 humans and 2 corgis – did our own Thanksgiving turkey trot. We went to the forest preserve trail around 8 am. There were so many people and dogs there. Maybe everybody was trying to be less guilty for eating a big dinner later 🙂

The weatherman said it will be a sunny day and temperature will go up to 55 degrees. But this morning, it was cloudy and chilly at 42 degrees. Well… I know it was the morning time so the temperature was lower than 55 but hey, where is the “sunny” part??? We humans complained a little about the cold weather but my furry friends didn’t have any problem and were so excited. We did 4.61 miles. I ran here and there and my husband walked. We did “gobble, gobble” while we were walking. It was fun 🙂

While Jeter and Cappy were taking a break, one woman approached us and said “They are Welsh corgis, right? They are so adorable!!!” My corgis knew she was talking about them and they showered her with the corgi love 🙂

Jeter and Cappy will have a great time at my sister-in-law’s house tonight. So will we.

Day 11

We did it again. Two days in a row, we went to the gym early in the morning. I have a feeling that this early bird thing will happen more often.

This morning we got there around 5:30 am. My husband walked 2.62 miles and I walked/ran 3.59 miles. It was sunny and nice in the afternoon so I walked with my corgis about 2 miles.

Our gym will be closed tomorrow so we will have our own turkey trot. My husband, Jeter, Cappy and I will go to the trail. They say the weather will be great tomorrow. We will have a good time.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving day!